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House of Cards Season 5 Spoilers – How It Is Relevant with Current Politics?

If there’s one thing that the fans of House of Cards should have been stuck over the last 5 years, it’s the House of Cards relevancy with current politics. Frank Underwood’s plans usually expand for the whole seasons and he takes charge in a very unusual way. In Season 5, he outperforms himself. The whole new 13-episode series is generally based on 2016 election and its protracted fallout, based heavily on the strong insight of American constitution and the different political landscape which has been built up by Netflix over the past years.

It goes without saying that House of Cards Season 5 spoilers have discussed the conflict between Will Conway and the Underwoods which gets a bit complex, with a show looking for high amount of knowledge and presenting in a devious way. It is not the election with a simple loser or winner. To help you further, here’s what Frank is up to the run.

It is absolutely difficult to discuss the episodes without dealing with the full season. But to make it simpler, the spoilers have broken explanation in three different sections to cover the whole schemes of a couple of episodes in each.

There are many questions arise like “Is Kevin Spacey a good actor?” There are many films that prove that Kevin Spacey is the best actor of his time. Most of the coverage of election in this show has covered the Primaries, especially in Season 4 as well as the main threat of ICO, an ISIS parallel. There are two important aspects in it which are very important on what works in Season 5.

First is when the campaign of Underwood and how he used illegal means to address voters and it has been a hot topic with Conway and using Pollyhop, search engine created to collect personal information by a school friend and Democrats roped in Aidan Macallan, a friend of LeeAnn Harvey and NSA worker. To provide the information to the campaign about gun lobby, he used illicit means and launched an algorithm to assume the reactions on the debates.

Next part is the decision is to deal with terror. While the method of Frank is getting Claire as a mate was away from orthodox, the duo has started the campaign up until the finale of Season 4. When the ICO threat became clear, they started with the terror as a motivating factor.