More Woman, More Wonder


More Woman, More Wonder

More Woman, More Wonder

Wonder Woman Controversy – Why It Faces Unwanted Ban?

It goes without shock over these fractious times that the Wonder Woman is the first female-led superhero film after 12 years and it is being faced with controversy. The latest installment in the Justice League franchise, Wonder Woman, led to glowing reviews, along with the politicized debate on several women-based screenings which ensured that Wonder Woman will fight all the bad guys and juggle a lot of cultural baggage.

Like Ghostbusters (2016), the box-office response for Wonder Woman will have great significance and will definitely inform the debate on whether the blockbuster can be profitable without any male lead. The bottom line of Ghostbusters took an additional blow when China has banned it for supernatural reasons. This time, Wonder Woman faces a trouble in a smaller market. Due to the politics of Gal Gadot, an Israeli star, a Lebanese group sought a ban on film.

Is Wonder Woman a Good Movie?

In association with Time Warner Inc, Warner Bros has debuted Wonder Woman across the world on Tuesday and will expand to the whole world over the next couple of weeks. Followed by mediocre Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and leggy and critically roasted Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman is the first comic con big-budget superhero film directed by a woman and starring a woman now have the weight of the whole DC universe on her arms. It’s up to the woman power aka Wonder Woman to outperform Batman and Superman.

According to the critics, Wonder Woman is a good movie. Since The Dark Knight, it is the ultimate live-action DC Comics film. By default, it is the best female-led comic superhero film ever made and on another plane from Catwoman, Elektra, and Supergirl.

For those who have been waiting for the film the whole lives who have always wanted to see Wonder Woman on big screen, you can relax and brace yourselves.

Is Wonder Woman Good Role Model?

On October 21, Wonder Woman turned 75 and is all set to become an honorary ambassador by the United Nations for women and girl empowerment and for gender equality. According to a UN spokesperson, there is an outfit problem. Do we send boys and girls mixed messages about equality and empowerment when we provide a scantily dressed female lead?

Of course, we have to present young people and girls female role models. Unlike Supergirl or Batgirl, Wonder Woman is not dependent on male character. She has her own power.