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Dead Men Tell Tales

Is “Dead Men Tell No Tales” the End of Pirates Series?

The whole new trailer of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales installment launched with a lot of surprises. But one of the biggest seemed to be a title card. To surprise its fans, the middle announces the 4th sequel as the “final adventure” for the world and suggested that it is likely to be the last installment of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. It would definitely be the great development for the franchise. But you may not want to count down the days until the end.

The End of the Pirates Movies?

After the launch of the trailer, the media asked the co-director and filmmaker Espen Sandberg as if it is the conclusion to this series, but he made it quite clear that there are still chances that series may continue after this chapter.

It is difficult to tell but it may be the beginning of the finale. It is up to how you look at it. But director doesn’t take anything lightly as everyone loved the franchise. Such types of films remind us of the films we all grew up with. These adventure films made him a filmmaker. To be the part of this film and direct Pirates is like a dream come true, he added.

Is Johnny Depp a Good Pirate?

The trailer of the New Pirates of the Caribbean movie has been released yet and fans are going crazy for the sight of Jack Sparrow. With all the crazes going on, many people missed a dark detail that is revealed by the trailer. It could be the last installment of the long-running series.

The tagline “The Final Adventure” floats around the screen by the end of the trailer. It is true that Johnny Depp is getting older and he had enough time to keep up with the character in five movies. In addition, the Pirates have always performed well in the box office.

This time, Johnny Depp is back with his Academy Award-nominated, iconic role of Jack Sparrow, one of the hottest favorite characters in the history of cinema. He is joined by Javier Bardem, an Oscar-winning actor of Skyfall and No Country for Old Men.

When it comes to Johnny Depp, there is no other actor who can play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow better than him. The way he enters into the character of a wicked captain and pirate is truly iconic.