Beastie Boys to Reissue 4xLP Vinyl Edition of Check Your Head –

Beastie Boys to Reissue 4xLP Vinyl Edition of Check Your Head

Beastie Boys will release a deluxe vinyl reissue of their 1992 masterpiece, Check Your Head.

The 4xLP set, which contains a remaster of the original double album, plus two extra slabs of bonus content including remixes, live versions, and B-sides, was originally released in 2009 as a limited-edition set available exclusively through Beastie Boys’ website.

Now, to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary this year,┬áthe vinyl box set will be back in stock on Beastie Boys’ website, as well as be available to purchase at independent music retailers starting July 15th.

Ed. Note: Revisit our Beastie Boys’ album ranking to see how Check Your Head compares to the trio’s other releases.

Check Your Head 4xLP Vinyl Box Set Tracklist:

LP 1
Side A
Jimmy James
Funky Boss
Pass The Mic
Lighten Up

Side B
Finger Lickin’ Good
So What’ Cha Want
The Biz Vs The Nuge
Time For Livin’
Something’s Got To Give

LP 2
Side C
The Blue Nun
Stand Together
The Maestro
Groove Holmes

Side D
Live At P. J.’s
Mark On The Bus
Professor Booty
In 3’s

LP 3
Side E
Dub The Mic (Instrumental)
Pass The Mic (Pt. 2, Skills To Pay The Bills)
Drunken Praying Mantis Style
Netty’s Girl

Side F
The Skills To Pay The Bills (Original Version)
So What’ Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
So What’ Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)
Groove Holmes (Live Vs. The Biz)

LP 4
Side G
Stand Together (Live At French’s Tavern, Sydney Australia)
Finger Lickin’ Good (Government Cheese Remix)
Gratitude (Live At Budokan)
Honky Rink

Side H
Jimmy James (Original Original Version)
Boomin’ Granny
Drinkin’ Wine
So What’ Cha Want (All The Way Live Freestyle Version)

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