Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-06-22: Sonny Confronts Leo! –

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-06-22: Sonny Confronts Leo!

We’ve got good news if you love dramatic confrontations, especially in public places.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-06-22 promise at least three angry encounters. Shawn is supposed to confront Belle and EJ, while EJ has other problems after he and Lucas come to blows in the Square! And elsewhere, Sonny gets into an ugly fight when he accuses Leo of drugging him.

Talk about an explosive week ahead!

There seems little point to Sonny confronting Leo over this.

He’s not going to get a confession out of him or any satisfaction whatsoever. Leo gets turned on by these things, and anyway, tormenting Sonny is fun for him.

At best, Leo will loudly deny everything and claim that Sonny attacked him for no reason if Rafe or anyone else in authority shows up.

Besides, Shawn said he’d lock Leo up permanently if Sonny got proof that Leo drugged him. If the blood tests show he has traces of sedative in his system, that should be sufficient for the arrest.

If it’s too late for that or the drugs were undetectable in the first place, Sonny may think his best bet is to get Leo angry enough to slip up and confess. But that seems like a risky plan.

Leo is vindictive, but he’s not stupid. And Sonny’s been down this road before — wrapping a supposedly dead Leo in a rug and disposing of the body didn’t do Sonny much good, did it?

That’s not going to stop Sonny, though. According to the spoiler video, he confronts Leo, allowing his nemesis to push his buttons so that he loses it.

The video implies that this is supposed to reference Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. It’s not necessary to go there, and Days of Our Lives is taped so far in advance that I doubt that was the plan at the time of filming.

Either way, this is going to backfire on Sonny.

Victor hired him to be a level-headed CEO that would help rebuild Titan’s reputation and allow the company to dominate the market. This immature behavior isn’t what he had in mind! Will Sonny be out of a job after this?

We have nine official Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-05-22. Please scroll down to check them out!

EJ Urges Johnny to Fight for Chanel - Days of Our Lives

EJ urges Johnny to fight for Chanel.

EJ’s not the best person to give romantic advice. After all, he’s half pursuing Belle while refusing to admit that his heart belongs to her absent sister.

I’m also not sure why Johnny needs this encouragement. He has been pursuing Chanel and has already proposed to her.

Johnny giving Chanel space to decide what she wants would show maturity and make him more attractive than his flip-flopping, overeager sister. But there’s no drama in that, so Johnny will likely take EJ’s advice and up his game.

Allie's Love Life - Days of Our Lives

Will gives Allie advice about her love life.

According to spoilers, after talking things over with Will, Allie will decide to go for it with Chanel. In her mind, Chanel represents risk and adventure, while her interest in Tripp is only because he’s the safe choice.

Allie should explore her feelings for women and not settle for Tripp because he’s a nice guy. But going after the woman her brother wants to marry doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Still, Will/Allie scenes are always a bright spot, and Will is in the best position to understand Allie’s dilemma. We’re here for this brother/sister bonding, even if it does lead Allie in a questionable direction.

Chad Worries About Abigail - Days of Our Lives

Chad is alarmed when Abigail reveals the subject of her next investigative story.

Abigail most likely wants to look into who kidnapped Sami now that EJ has been exonerated.

That could lead to a lot of trouble.

Chad helped cover up Lucas’ involvement in Sami’s kidnapping. The last thing he needs is for that to come out just as he and Abigail are in a great place and planning to have another child!

Sonny Accuses Leo - Days of Our Lives

Sonny accuses Leo of drugging him.

As discussed above, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

It certainly will be dramatic, though!

Leo will end up with the upper hand, making his revenge all that sweeter, and Sonny’s job could be in danger if Victor finds out about this. Great going, Sonny.

Jan Lashes Out - Days of Our Lives

Jan lashes out at Marlena.

Marlena should not consider for a second the possibility of taking Jan on.

There’s no way she could be objective. Jan is interfering with Marlena’s daughter’s marriage!

That never seems to matter in Salem, but it should. Is Jan lashing out at Marlena because Marlena explains this to her or because she doesn’t like what her new therapist has to say in session?

Shawn Confronts EJ and Belle - Days of Our Lives

Shawn confronts EJ and Belle.

Shawn’s convinced his marital problems have to do with EJ having designs on his wife.

Belle’s history of cheating and her insistence on forming this close friendship with EJ aren’t helping anything. Shawn doesn’t know about the kiss, but he does have reason to be concerned.

However, he needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror. He’s letting Jan destroy his marriage and life, which has nothing to do with EJ.

Clyde's Newest Recruit - Days of Our Lives

Clyde tries to recruit Lucas.

Clyde already tried to get EJ to help him with his drug business. Is that what he wants Lucas for?

Or does he want him to help bring EJ down somehow or other?

Lucas and Clyde have a common enemy, and as the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” After Lucas and EJ come to blows in the Square, it’s sure to spark some sort of evil plan in Clyde’s mind.

Chad's Horrifying Discovery - Days of Our Lives

Chad makes a horrifying discovery.

There have been rumors swirling around for months about Abigail being killed, and Gwen and Leo were talking about it during the week of 5-30-22.

Plus, there’s a murder mystery on its way.

Please, soap gods, let it be something else. Abigail already had one fake death and was recently kidnapped. She doesn’t need any more violent encounters.

Jan and Shawn Fear For Their Baby's Life / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jan and Shawn fear for their baby’s life.

At least Jan isn’t going to fall down the stairs this time. Again, we don’t need a repeat of this early 2000s storyline!

One of two things will happen with this. Either it’ll just be a scare, and Shawn will become convinced he needs to spend every waking moment with Jan for the baby’s sake, or Jan will lose the baby and blame it on Belle somehow.

Either way, Shawn will fall even more into Jan’s trap. Ugh.

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