Devin Booker punched a child in the stands after an incredible throw –

Devin Booker punched a child in the stands after an incredible throw

Never say that Devin Booker doesn’t take the time to send his love to the fans. After making a wild throw during an NBA playoff game, a Phoenix Suns sharpshooter sent to support with his fist to a child.

Everything looked great for Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns at the start of the team’s playoff game against the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday, April 19. Devin, 25, was on a roll and ended the first quarter by scoring a two-pointer just as the buzzer sounded. Boyfriend Kendall Jenner landed on the floor after making a lucky throw. He found himself face to face with an adorable little toddler. Devin then raised his fist and hit the kid’s fist before finishing the half with 31 points.

Who was that cute little fan in the Supreme T-shirt? 

“The most famous kid in Arizona!” sports reporter Luke Liddon tweeted ,   posting a photo of the baby and his dad. “The dad in the picture, Octavio, tells me he was a babysitter for the night, and his son just happened to befriend Devin Booker.”

Unfortunately, Devin’s night didn’t end the way he wanted. He left in the third quarter with a hamstring injury and did not return for the remainder of the game. The Pelicans also pulled ahead to win Game 2 of the series, 125-114. The third game of their NBA playoffs will take place on Friday, April 22. The Suns are heading to New Orleans on the Wednesday before Game 3. Booker will have an MRI to assess the situation, ESPN reported.

“We’ll have more information tomorrow,” Suns coach Monty Williams said.

 “We have played without Chris Paul and Book. If we have to play without Devin, we will take the next player to replace them. We’ve been doing this all year.” 

This season, the Suns have led 8-6 whenever Devin has had to hole up. However, according to Williams, the main problem was how Phoenix allowed New Orleans to shoot 68% in the second half. The Suns also lost 16 fast break points, sealing their fate. Now each series has one game.

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