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Dread Central Comes Out [Watch]

Happy Pride.

Pride Month is here and with that often comes a tidal wave of rainbow logos and promises of equality. It’s a slippery slope, especially in our capitalist society where this acknowledgment seems revolutionary, but is ultimately a cash grab. So there arises a tension between wanting to celebrate Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community while also wanting to make sure it isn’t performative. As a queer person myself, I’ve been struggling with how to tackle this at Dread Central.

So, Josh Korngut and I sat down to discuss what it means to be queer and running a major horror publication. No matter the month, our work is inherently queer, from columns like the New Queer Extremity to simple lists about found footage. So, we’re using this month to show the horror community who we are and what we stand for. Happy Pride, everyone.

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