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Godzilla and Kong Arrive in Season 3 ‘Call of Duty: Operation Monarch’

Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone’s season 3 is going to go big. Operation Monarch will see the battlefield invaded by the two, iconic titans doing battle. These two will be doing their battle while you are attempting to take that number one spot.

The cinematic trailer reveals both Kaiju getting prepared to fight. This will be similar to atmospheric events that we have seen going on in the past. But, obviously this is much cooler cause it’s frickin Kong and ‘Zilla!

In addition to the colossal kaiju duking it out on the battlefield, players will also be able to suit up as Godzilla and Kong. These skins also come with unique weapons and other cosmetics.

Other Season 3 features include:

  • Uncover Ancient Secrets, Loadout Items at Dig Site. Get your hands dirty at this new Monarch Point of Interest between the Ruins and Mines to find Supply Boxes and clues of enemies to come.
  • New Offshore Gulag. Escape the Hold, Caldera’s new Gulag. Built by Toys for Bob, this three-lane arena welcomes all combatants to intense duels before redeployment.
  • Prepare for Operation Monarch. Ancient cave paintings, massive skulls, and an otherworldly axe are just some of the odd sightings around Caldera. Operation Monarch is a special limited-time event featuring the iconic Titans of the Monsterverse, Godzilla and Kong.

Season three also sees another chapter of Call of Duty: Zombies! This will include more levels, more weapons and additional Zombie challenges. More on that soon!

Call of Duty’s completely rad looking, colossal, Season 3 arrives April 27 with its initial season 3 beginning. However, Operation Monarch and all the kaiju battling won’t arrive until May 11.

For complete Season 3 details head right over to Call of Duty’s page.

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