Lionsgate Bringing Back ‘Leprechaun’ For a Reboot –

Lionsgate Bringing Back ‘Leprechaun’ For a Reboot

Leprechaun the rhyme master is making a comeback of sorts. That’s right y’all, the ferocious little green fellow is heading back to create a whole lot more limericks all plotted carefully around character deaths. Lionsgate is reportedly looking at bringing back the little dude in a new reboot of the franchise.

Apparently, its gone so far that Lionsgate is now looking at for active pitches. It wasn’t long ago that we received a 2019 reboot of the franchise. It didn’t do particularly well and sort of died out in its first entry. I think the only true way to bring it back is to go full on and take it back to the hood or to space. I mean, Leprechaun in Space 2 is going to bring some fans out. Heck, lets even put Warwick Davis in the starring role and the director’s chair.

The original franchise began all the way back in 1993 and created a terror that ran perfectly alongside Chucky.

However, the Leprechaun returns is going to be an interesting approach no matter how it is done. The fans are out there its just a manner of tapping into the right vein. And right now the vein is nostalgia. So, take it back to the 80s. Make it about a Goonies like bunch of kiddos being terrorized by the Leprechaun and you got a winner. Give me a call Lionsgate.

We will keep you updated on all Leprechaun updates.

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