Marvel’s Avengers Adds Another MCU Skin to Iron Man’s Armory –

Marvel’s Avengers Adds Another MCU Skin to Iron Man’s Armory

Marvel’s Avengers is still getting a continuous supply of Marvel Cinematic Universe skins. And while the newest one may not be a surprise to some, it does give Iron Man his armor set from Captain America: Civil War.

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Crystal Dynamics officially revealed the skin yesterday and finally put it in the game’s marketplace on May 19. It is currently half off at 700 Credits or around $7. The Civil War suit is also not a surprise to some since prominent leaker mmmmmmmmiller put out a still of it in April alongside other leaked costumes.

The studio has already released many MCU skins for Tony Stark, as he currently has his suits from Iron Man (which was given away for free in April), Iron Man 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Given his prevalence in the MCU, there are still a handful to choose from and most will probably make their way into the game one day.

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The game’s next hero, Lady Thor, is still on the way, but it seems as though players will have to get by with just skins and small changes until then. Many have been complaining about the lack of big updates, which seems to at least partially come from the allegedly delayed hero, She-Hulk. The aforementioned leaker mmmmmmmmiller said that she was supposed to come out before Lady Thor, but was moved around to better line up with the MCU.

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