Netflix Fans Are Going Crazy Over the Popular Whodunit, ‘Disappearance At Clifton Hill’ –

Netflix Fans Are Going Crazy Over the Popular Whodunit, ‘Disappearance At Clifton Hill’

This is another case of old is new again in the world of Netflix. The Canadian whodunit thriller Disappearance at Clifton Hill came out back in 2020 and was forgotten shortly thereafter, despite David Cronenberg having a cameo in it. Once again Netflix has breathed new life into the well constructed thriller, and fans are getting feverish and feisty over it.

Viewers have brought the film into the top 10 zone on the giant streaming platform. The Twitter interaction has been really interesting as well. It’s been great to see people bring their own cracked cases the table considering the film is loosely based on a true story.

It’s been really fascinating to see what the isolation of COVID did to people over the past few years. Like, now there is a real communal experience to viewing shows and films. People really dig getting online to either shit talk or generally join in the discussion on films, especially with semi-open-ended whodunits.

I can’t say too much about Disappearance of Clifton Hill past the synopsis, it would take away a lot of the fun that you can have figuring out the mystery behind this little gem.

The synopsis for Disappearance at Clifton Hill goes like this:

Following the death of her mother, Abby (Tuppence Middleton), a troubled young woman with a checkered past, returns to her hometown of Niagara Falls and the dilapidated motel her family used to run. While there, she finds herself drawn once again into a mystery that has haunted her since childhood: what happened to the young boy she saw being violently abducted in the woods twenty-five years ago? As Abby sets out to find out the truth, she must confront both a shocking, long-buried conspiracy that runs as deep as the falls themselves as well as her own inner demons. Bristling with an air of surreal menace, this mood-drenched thriller is a tantalizing psychological puzzle box that unfolds in the hallucinatory realm between reality and perception. With David Cronenberg.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill is currently on Netflix. Have you watched yet?

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