Netflix Horror Series ‘Red Rose’ Releases First Images –

Netflix Horror Series ‘Red Rose’ Releases First Images

With the success of teen-based horror content currently in fashion, another Netflix series has emerged into their ranks. It’s called Red Rose and it comes from the same production company of The Old Guard, The Enfield Haunting, and the paranormal docu-series True Horror. It will have eight episodes.

Some of you might dismiss this as another attempt to profit off the Stranger Things blueprint. But before you do, consider that this series is being executive produced by Michael and Paul Clarkson, aka the Clarkson Twins, who have been behind such series as Apple TV’s See, Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor, and HBO’s His Dark Materials. All of which have gained popularity on their respective streaming services.

No, It’s not a Stephen King Adaptation

Despite the promising although shuffled title, Red Rose is not a Stephen King adaption of his haunted house story Rose Red. Fans of the writer have long wanted a remake of that 2002 mini-series, but it seems everything else in King’s oeuvre has been picked up except that one.

Rose Red wasn’t as popular as other miniseries’ based on King’s works, but it did have moderate success. Enough to spawn the prequel The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer in 2003 which King was not a part of. As Netflix continues its “The Haunting of…” series, may some creatives will revisit Rose Red and give it a proper reboot.

Teenagers taking on horrors alone

The teenage hive mentality is definitely a hot commodity in horror these days. It can be seen in the recent release of Scream and to some extent Halloween Kills. All of these have young adults going up against forces beyond their control. And of course, there is Stranger Things which not only brought back the parent-free adventure schema but waxed poetic with 80s nostalgia. We saw it last year as well with the Mini-brands version of  Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Emo high schoolers are definitely a horror trope that has been resurrected and is at risk of oversaturation.

Why Red Rose is exciting?

As mentioned before, the executive producers behind Red Rose are the Clarkson Twins. That’s kind of a big deal. The Brits definitely know how to tell a story and given the duo’s track record, this one could be another feather in their cap. They say the acting talent is top-notch. That talent includes Harry Redding who is currently performing on stage in To Kill a Mockingbird in London’s West End.

“We are thrilled with the talented cast that we’ve assembled in ‘Red Rose,'” the twins told Variety, “They have so brilliantly captured the spirit of the North with their nuanced, devastating and hilarious performances. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with them, just as we have. They’re doing Bolton – and us – proud.”

What is Red Rose About?

With Black Mirror having taken a four-year hiatus, the horrors of technology really haven’t had an outlet for storytelling. Although it was recently announced that Black Mirror will return for a sixth season, it’s hard to tell when those episodes will premiere given all the behind-the-scenes production drama in the last few years.

Red Rose might fill in that gap with its storyline. According to Variety, here is what it’s about:

“Set over a long hot summer following high school, the teens’ friendships are infiltrated by the Red Rose app, which blooms on their smartphones, threatening them with dangerous consequences if they don’t meet its demands. The app exposes the group to a seemingly supernatural entity and the seductive power of the dark web.”

First Images

Recently, the first images of the series were posted online. However, no concrete release date has been announced. Red Rose will premiere on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in the U.K. and stream on Netflix for everybody else. Worldwide distribution is managed by eOne.

The bottom line

As people are getting their teenage horror on over in Hawkins in Stranger Things 4 and as the world awaits another season of Black Mirror, it seems that Red Rose is taking up some of the slack and blending the two. With a powerhouse of writing, producing, and acting talent involved in this series, let’s not roll our eyes and say, “how original,” instead, let’s be somewhat optimistic about it and celebrate a post-COVID world where pretty much anything is possible.

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