The Rome and Duddy Show, Live from TGATS –

The Rome and Duddy Show, Live from TGATS

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The Rome and Duddy Show is back on the Facebook airwaves with another live streaming episode. Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez and Dirty Heads connected with fans to answer more fan Q&As and present a fresh round of The Great American Talent Show.

The guys talk about what they’re looking forward to on their upcoming summer tours (get tickets to Rome’s gigs here, and Duddy’s over here), pop culture ratings, new music and more. Check it all out above, or watch the livestream replay below.

Plus, fans can win tickets to Sublime with Rome’s upcoming May 28th gig at Mandalay Bay’s Concerts on the Beach series in Las Vegas thanks to the concert’s exclusive distributor partner, The Source+! Enter now at The Source+’s website.

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